SPEECH TACTICS will always implement advanced, evidence-based therapeutic interventions while providing excellent therapy services and care for the children and families we serve. We accomplish this by developing individualized care plans to meet the unique needs of each child. Ultimately, our #1 goal is to help children and families achieve success in all areas of daily activities and across all settings while doing so with a “people-first” mindset.

SPEECH TACTICS will continue to be the premier multi-lingual pediatric therapy organization in North Carolina, providing a dynamic and diverse range of services focused on children and adults, and centered around family and community. Through our philanthrophy, we will continue to entrench ourselves in the community and amplify the positive impact we have on children and families, by carrying out community initiatives in areas that promote education, personal development, professional advancement, functional life skills, and holistic child & family wellness. We are determined to expand our reach beyond therapy through our commitment to serving families in our community on a larger, more impactful scale.

At Speech Tactics, it is our belief that the families we serve deserve to be treated with compassion and viewed with open-mindedness. This enables us to employ a holistic approach to genuinely serve our clients’ unique & individualized needs. All of our team members at SPEECH TACTICS are expected to contribute to our mission, believe in our philosophy, and embody our 5 core values.